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Folder: School CouncilSchool CouncilSchool Council
Responsible Behaviour Plan April 2015.pdfResponsible Behaviour Plan April 201510876 KB
PSS Fundraising survey results April 2015.pdfPSS Fundraising survey results April 2015522 KB
Tuck Shop Menu V2 2015 Sheet1.pdfTuck Shop Menu V2 2015 Sheet1233 KB
ips-school-council-fact-sheet.pdfips-school-council-fact-sheet236 KB
Administer Medication form 2014.pdfAdminister Medication form 2014448 KB
Infection Exclusion.pdfInfection Exclusion161 KB
Hand foot and mouth.pdfHand foot and mouth38 KB
2015 Great Results Guarantee Snapshot.pdf2015 Great Results Guarantee Snapshot51 KB
Instrumental Music Handbook 2016.pdfInstrumental Music Handbook 2016393 KB
2016 book lists.pdf2016 book lists837 KB
Strings Expression of Interest 2016.pdfStrings Expression of Interest 2016109 KB
Investing For Success 2016.pdfInvesting For Success 2016169 KB
RI for Pullenvale Website_Handbook 2016.pdfRI for Pullenvale Website_Handbook 2016149 KB
Annual Implementation Plan 2016.pdfAnnual Implementation Plan 20167504 KB
2015 School Annual Report.pdf2015 School Annual Report907 KB
Bebras Permission Form.pdfBebras Permission Form72 KB
Life in a Year 4 ePal class 2016.pdfLife in a Year 4 ePal class 2016104 KB
Booklists 2017 Ordermax.pdfBooklists 2017 Ordermax4201 KB
Bellbowrie Girls Brigade.docx For schools.pdfBellbowrie Girls Brigade.docx For schools123 KB
Art Show_Markets.pdfArt Show_Markets103 KB
Pupil Free Day 17 October 2016.pdfPupil Free Day 17 October 2016101 KB
AJSP Advertisement - Pullenvale SS.pdfAJSP Advertisement - Pullenvale SS302 KB
Junior Engineers Xmas break Workshops.pdfJunior Engineers Xmas break Workshops1653 KB
Flyer - Community Christmas Party.pdfFlyer - Community Christmas Party400 KB
Kenmore Village Car Boot Sale Poster.pdfKenmore Village Car Boot Sale Poster1668 KB
Summer Vacation Care Program 2016-17.pdfSummer Vacation Care Program 2016-171687 KB
pss-epal-charter as at August2016.pdfpss-epal-charter as at August2016803 KB
pss-epal-selectionform_2017.pdfpss-epal-selectionform_2017943 KB
Kate Richards.pdfKate Richards66 KB
Kate Richards2.pdfKate Richards2104 KB
Kate Richards3.pdfKate Richards396 KB
Instrumental Music Handbook 2017.pdfInstrumental Music Handbook 2017394 KB
Science Club 2017.pdfScience Club 2017211 KB
Science Consent Form 2017 (1).pdfScience Consent Form 2017 (1)474 KB
2017 Annual Implementation Plan.pdf2017 Annual Implementation Plan419 KB
Pullenvale State School Investment for Success Plan 2017.pdfPullenvale State School Investment for Success Plan 2017233 KB
Strategic Plan 2017 - 2020.pdfStrategic Plan 2017 - 2020515 KB
Pullenvale SS Email Flyer.jpgPullenvale SS Email Flyer2625 KB
2017 School Photos Flyer.jpg2017 School Photos Flyer2625 KB
Tuckshop Menu Term 2 2017 2.pdfTuckshop Menu Term 2 2017 2159 KB
RIDE to School.pdfRIDE to School2078 KB
PSS School Council Nomination Form.pdfPSS School Council Nomination Form207 KB
Role Description - PSS School Council.pdfRole Description - PSS School Council390 KB
Spring Fair article.pdfSpring Fair article233 KB
2017 Term 2 - Som House Primary School Chess Autumn Invitational.pdf2017 Term 2 - Som House Primary School Chess Autumn Invitational839 KB
School Plan Consultation Paper May 2017.pdfSchool Plan Consultation Paper May 2017620 KB
Leith.pdfLeith133 KB
McIntyre Flyer.pdfMcIntyre Flyer691 KB
Athletics 2017.pdfAthletics 2017259 KB
Coding.pdfCoding582 KB
Athletics Carnival.pdfAthletics Carnival259 KB
PSS School Council Parent Nomination Procedure June 2017.pdfPSS School Council Parent Nomination Procedure June 2017352 KB
Junior Sports Day Plan 2017.pdfJunior Sports Day Plan 2017192 KB
Dance Troupe.tifDance Troupe100 KB
Dance Troupe.pdfDance Troupe62 KB
School Council Nominee Bios.pdfSchool Council Nominee Bios175 KB
School Council Nominee Order Selection.pdfSchool Council Nominee Order Selection210 KB
TRL Juniors - General Advert-01 (2).pngTRL Juniors - General Advert-01 (2)1880 KB
0140 Pullenvale State School Annual School Report 2016.pdf0140 Pullenvale State School Annual School Report 2016823 KB
KSHS Open Day 2017.pdfKSHS Open Day 2017258 KB
Winter 2017 Vacation Care Program.pdfWinter 2017 Vacation Care Program676 KB
Dad's read breakfast.pdfDad's read breakfast533 KB
2017 Christmas in July Dinner.pdf2017 Christmas in July Dinner179 KB
2017 Pullenvale State School Chaplaincy Dinner payment.pdf2017 Pullenvale State School Chaplaincy Dinner payment44 KB
Training Schedule Term 3.pdfTraining Schedule Term 3100 KB
Training Schedule T3.pdfTraining Schedule T3157 KB
2017 Bebras Participation and Privacy Consent Form.pdf2017 Bebras Participation and Privacy Consent Form48 KB
PULLENVALE SCIENCE COMPETITION Instructions and Entry form.pdfPULLENVALE SCIENCE COMPETITION Instructions and Entry form205 KB
Routine-shortterm-medication Record.pdfRoutine-shortterm-medication Record382 KB
NAPLAN Preliminary Data - Principal Executive Summary August 2017.pdfNAPLAN Preliminary Data - Principal Executive Summary August 2017657 KB
eSafety Seminar_invitation_Prentice.pdfeSafety Seminar_invitation_Prentice438 KB
Rugby League Holiday Camp 2017.pdfRugby League Holiday Camp 20173166 KB
emergency-medication.pdfemergency-medication283 KB
Administration of MedicationCommunication.pdfAdministration of MedicationCommunication326 KB
letter for parents and staff.pdfletter for parents and staff280 KB
hepatitis-a-v6.pdfhepatitis-a-v6161 KB
flyer just school holiday.pdfflyer just school holiday576 KB
UniformShopPricelistAUG17.pdfUniformShopPricelistAUG17276 KB
timeout_poster.pdftimeout_poster161 KB
Pullenvale SAC Spring 2017.pdfPullenvale SAC Spring 2017726 KB
PlayNRL HolidayClinic RLWC.pdfPlayNRL HolidayClinic RLWC247 KB
not-now-not-ever-declaration-signatures-A4.pdfnot-now-not-ever-declaration-signatures-A4198 KB
Application for student enrolment form.pdfApplication for student enrolment formApplication for student enrolment form5915 KB
BPOINT.pdfBPOINT instructionsBPOINT208 KB
14 11 06 byox5device-selection-models.pdfBYOX514 11 06 byox5device-selection-models683 KB
14 09 15 Class List Policy.pdfClass List Policy 14 09 15 Class List Policy300 KB
PSS Council Handbook 15.04.30.pdfCouncil HandbookPSS Council Handbook 15.04.30734 KB
Enrolment Handbook 2016 FINAL.pdfEnrolment Handbook 2016Enrolment Handbook 2016 FINAL1140 KB
EPAL Charter.pdfEPAL CharterEPAL Charter651 KB
pss-epal-charter.20151122.pdfePAL Charter 2016pss-epal-charter.20151122729 KB
pss-epal-selectionform_20151122.pdfePAL Selection Form 2016pss-epal-selectionform_20151122873 KB
Exclusion-times-for-infectious-childhood-conditions.pdfFact Sheet Infectious Exclusion-times-for-infectious-childhood-conditions34 KB
Great Results Guarantee- Pullenvale State School DG approved).pdfGreat Results GuaranteeGreat Results Guarantee- Pullenvale State School DG approved)48 KB
Great Results Guarantee 2015.pdfGreat Results Guarantee 2015Great Results Guarantee 2015111 KB
Vacation Care Program Spring 2016.pdfPCYC Vacation CareVacation Care Program Spring 2016676 KB
School Constitution.pdfSchool Constitution School Constitution396 KB
School Council Declaration of Results signed Oct 2015.pdfSchool Council Election ResultsSchool Council Declaration of Results signed Oct 20152049 KB
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