School hours


Bell times


Before and After School

Safety - Students

The safety and well-being of all students at school, during school hours, is the responsibility of the teachers.


While it is our desire that school facilities be used as much as possible, parents who send their children to school at an early hour, or allow them to return after dismissal when there is no supervision, put children at risk.


Arrival time prior to 8.30am is not encouraged unless attending outside school hours care. On some occasions, teachers plan extra-curricular activities before or after school, and during these periods responsibility will be accepted.


From 8:15am students make their way directly to the oval where they may walk around the oval for ‘walk and talk’ under supervision of a duty teacher.  Students must wear their hat.  In the case of inclement weather, students will wait quietly in the undercover area outside the tuckshop. A bell will ring at 8:45am at which time students may move to their classrooms.


Students also have the option to go to the library at this time.


The end of the school day is 3:00pm.  Those waiting to collect students from classrooms are asked to remain quiet to ensure learning can continue uninterrupted until the end of the school day.


After school, a bell rings at 3.20pm at which time any students who have not been collected are to report to the office to await collection. Children awaiting pick up after 3.30pm will be directed to outside school hours care.


SAFETY – Cars & Parking

All schools experience peak parking time at drop-off and pick-up times, with afternoons generally being the busiest.  The safety of students is paramount at all times and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure students are safe.


Patience, vigilance and respect for students, pedestrians, school buses and other vehicles is essential.


Our ‘Kiss, Drop and and Go’, is located at the top of the school boundary.  Parents queue in a traffic line; students get into their car (the first four cars in the queue); If students are not ready when their lift arrives, the driver will be asked to move on, to enable efficient use of the ‘Kiss, Drop and Go’ zone.  A duty teacher remains in the ‘Kiss, Drop and Go’ zone with students until 3:20pm each afternoon.  Please remind your child to be waiting in the designated area and to be alert for their lift.


The carpark located at the bottom of the hill is a carpark.  It is strictly not a ‘drop, kiss and go’ area at any time.  Driver behaviour that puts students at risk is unacceptable.


Parents are encouraged to park only in designated parking zones.  Enforcement agencies do penalize drivers for illegal driving behaviours.


Outside School Hours Care / Vacation Care

The outside hours school care facility and program is managed by Jabiru. An information pack is available from the school office or by calling and leaving a message with Jabiru – (07) 3447 0370 or email

Last reviewed 18 June 2019
Last updated 18 June 2019