Subject areas


Within the school week, students are involved in a number of different subjects, or key learning areas.

English ... is about speaking & listening, reading & viewing, writing.

Maths ... is about number, patterns & algebra, measurement, chance & data and space

Science ... is about science & society, earth & beyond, energy & change, life & living, natural & processed materials.

History ... is about is about time, continuity & change.

Geography ... is about place & space, culture & identity; systems, resources & power.

The Arts ... is about teaching and learning dance, drama, media, music and visual arts.

HPE (Health & Physical Education) ... is about promoting the health of individuals and communities, developing concepts & skills for physical activity, enhancing physical development.

Technology ... is about design, make, appraise, information, materials and systems. 

Language ... is about studying different languages, cultures and communication.


At Pullenvale, we are able to provide specialist teachers to instruct some of the Key learning areas.  This also provides our teachers with non contact time, where they work together with other year level teachers to plan, and moderate assessment. 

Music - Mr Marc Bisher

Drama - Ms Ilkida Koppen

Health & Physical Education - Mr Alec Warner

Japanese - Mrs Stephanie Madden


PE at Pullenvale

The Physical Education program offered at Pullenvale State School aligns itself closely with the National Curriculum.

In the lower school we have a strong focus on developing hand-eye coordination and enhancing spatial awareness through various gross motor activities.

The upper school focuses more on skill development specific to certain sports and preparation for carnivals. The most important aspect of the program is maximising student engagement and participation in a supportive environment which hopefully means students walk away from each lesson with a positive experience.

Occasionally we will invite a sporting organisation and their development officers to run one of their programs that normally focuses on specific skill development and understanding of the game. In the past we’ve had QLD Cricket, QLD Reds Rugby, Oztag, AFL Queensland, Netball QLD, Tennis Australia and the NRL visit us.

Throughout the year various organisations offer after school clinics over a number of weeks which is a great way to get a taste for that particular sport. Some of the programs run in the past have included Rookies to Reds, NAB AFL Auskick, Play NRL and Milo in2cricket.

Pullenvale’s sporting program has three major carnivals (cross country, athletics & swimming) throughout the year where our 4 houses, Bainbridge, Herron, Jagera and Walker battle it out to have bragging rights for the next 12 months. These carnivals allow students to not only show what they’ve got on the track or in the pool but also provides a great opportunity for leaders to put their best foot forward by leading war cry’s and assisting the younger students.

For the first time ever Pullenvale has decided to focus on one sport and develop an excellence program that will run for the whole year. Our Touch Football program for 2017 has an excellence team and a development team – Year 5 & 6 students only. Students are expected to attend trainings up to twice a week, compete in a mid-week - outside of school club competition which is all preparation for the All Schools Touch competition, held annually at Redlands Bay late in Term 4. For a small cost, thanks to the sponsorship from one of our fantastic parents, students receive their own playing kit, weekly training, new training resources and nomination fees covered for all our big competitions. I’d like to acknowledge Mr Alec Warner for his initiative in making this program a reality.

Extra-Curricular Sports

For the aspiring athletes or just kids who love sport there are many opportunities available throughout the year that they can participate in. These include:

·         Volleyball QLD Primary Schools Cup – Held at Craigslea High

·         All Schools Touch

·         All Hallows Touch

·         T20 Blast Cricket

·         NRL Development Cup – Held at various playing fields

District Sport

Pullenvale is also a member of the West Akuna Sports Association and therefore participates in the Interschool sports competition held in both Semester One and Semester Two.

Students who display an excellence in a given sport also have the opportunity to trial for district teams in most popular sports which is the first step along the representative pathways. If they are successful in making the West Akuna team the next step is the regional team (Met West), followed by the state team (QLD) and lastly the national team (Australia).


Pullenvale has produced many amazing athletes over the years and seen some remarkable teams do some fantastic things. We are almost to the point where we need to purchase another trophy cabinet to fit everything in. I’ll list just a few of the highlights over the past few years.

·     2015 - 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the girls and boys A division of the QLD Primary Schools Cup (Effectively meaning 2nd and 3rd best team in the State)

·     2016 – 1st in both boys and girls A Division of the QLD Primary Schools Cup. Number 1 in the State for volleyball!!!!!!!!!!

·     2013 - Winning team at the All Schools Touch – Mixed Plate

·     2014 - Winning Team at All Hallows Touch Competition – Mixed Division

·     2016 - SE QLD Equestrian Primary Dressage Champions

·     2015 - Equestrian Reserve Champion Combined Training Team

·     2015 - Tied for 1st at the inaugural T20 Blast (Cricket) District Gala Day

·     2015 - Grand Finalists at SE QLD Soccer titles

·     2013 - District Finalists for NRL Development Cup

·     2017 – 12 Years Average winners at District Swimming Carnival

·     As well as many individual students who have made Met West and QLD sporting teams.

Drama at Pullenvale

The Drama Program at Pullenvale aligns itself closely with the new National Curriculum for the Arts. Students from Prep to year 5 attend a weekly Drama lesson of 30 minutes. The focus is on ‘Process Drama’, an extended learning experience that employs dramatic conventions to explore an idea, issue, concept or situation. The learning is embodied, experiential and inquiry driven. The emphasis in ‘Process Drama’ is on the participation rather than performance.

In her Drama program, Ms Kelman creates links to other curriculum areas such as English, History, Geography, Music, Dance and Visual Arts, as well as working with the principles of the school's Bounce Back Program.

Drama gives the children the opportunity to "step into someone else's shoes" or to see and feel things from another's perspective. It is a wonderful tool for developing empathy and tolerance. Through Drama, the students develop an understanding of their own and other cultures.

Drama builds confidence and encourages children to work collaboratively with their peers as well as building resilience.

Drama develops higher order thinking and problem solving. Through Drama, children learn that problems can have more than one solution and that questions can have more than one answer.

Prep: Preps are learning about how drama can represent the world and that they make drama to represent their ideas about the world.

Through the story of The Rainbow Fish they engage in and respond to drama looking at the issues of friendship, sharing and their emotions.

They also examine the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ to explore role and dramatic action, voice, facial expression and movement.

Year One: Students use the conventions of drama to practice being Nature Detectives in preparation for their visit to PEEC.

Year Two:  Students engage in a drama about ‘The Giant Who Threw Tantrums’.  The key question in this drama is, “What causes tantrums and how can they be avoided?”

Year Three: Prepare for their visit to PEEC, taking on the roles of Environmental Advisors who investigate why natural places are so important to ALL living things and share these discoveries.

We draw on literature using the text “Tricycle” by Elisa Amado and Alfonso Ruano. This drama explores the gap between rich and poor and the consciousness and sense of responsibility of a young girl who has so much more than the people around her.

Year Four: We draw on literature using the text “Tricycle” by Elisa Amado and Alfonso Ruano. This drama explores the gap between rich and poor and the consciousness and sense of responsibility of a young girl who has so much more than the people around her.

Year 5: This Process Drama uses the events of Edmund Hilary’s climb to the summit of Mt Everest to explore History.  Who writes history? How do historians make decisions on historical truth and what pressures might be put upon the?.  Who was first to the top? Hilary or George Mallory?

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Last updated 16 March 2021